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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Americana Star Doily

Example of use.
Patriotic Star Doily is hand crocheted with red, white and blue varigated thread, 100% cotton. Great for Americana theme decor, or special for 4th of July or Memorial Day decor.

Size: 12"

White Scalloped Chains and Clusters

Scalloped Chains and Clusters vintage type doily

This mid-sized doily, made up of chains and clusters (hence the name :-) ), is one of the prettiest, in my opinion. The very center is a small, cute flower, surrounded by a ring of clusters and a solid ring of stitching; the outer edges are a scallop. Easily used with something in the center, off-set to show center, or just to cover an otherwise empty space; very versatile. This one takes quite a bit of time to make, so it is a little more expensive for it's size, but well worth it. Hand-crocheted from 100% cotton.

Example of use.

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